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April 15th | London

If you're a health blogger, fitness lover, yoga teacher, nutritionist, health coach, influencer-in-the-making or general badass wellness warrior, this is an event you do not want to miss. 

We know that setting up your blog, brand, business or career in wellness can seem like a minefield (albeit one dotted with green smoothies and hot workout classes along the way). 

That's why we're here with our team of experts to connect you with the people you need to know, and to show just what you can achieve.

Learn from the people who have built and grown a successful business and brand in the health and wellness sector.

2017 LINEUP 



The Apartment, EC2A 3HU

Kind words from our attendees

"After yesterday's #hbcsummit I couldn't help but write about everything I learned. It was such an amazing day, it inspired me to share the love and knowledge. I've taken the opportunity to talk about @lukewtraining @rhitrition @laurenarmes @laurathomasphd, if they had this much of an impact on me then it deserves the mention to see if it will impact others just as much. Sharing is caring! 🚫disclaimer! " @melissanoyce

"Now this is what you call a goodie bag!! The @hbloggerscom #HBCSummit yesterday was incredible with so many amazing bloggers and professionals! 

This bag just about sums me up 😂👌

Cant wait to make my way through these goodies! "


"Today's amazing @hbloggerscom Health & Blogging Summit filled with amazing workshops, inspiring panel discussions, yummy food and like-minded people 🙏🏽 #hbcsummit"


"You knew it was coming... so here it is! 🙌🏼This is my #tbt📷 to #HBCSummit and the totally amazing stash of goodies we got, along with the tote and my fab ALMOST (!) unique tank top which I got as an Ambassador along with @can_eat_attitude @healthyandpsyched @train_strong_to_live_strong.

 I've got a write up of the Summit brewing for the blog but in the meantime I've been very much enjoying sampling all these amazing products during the week and there are still more stashed in the cupboards for later too. It was such a brilliant day and I really enjoyed meeting so many of you face to face 🙋🏽 

Some of you I felt I knew from following online, others are new to me and I'm so happy to have met and discovered. Look forward to continuing the conversations and journeys with you all 💚Please let me know if you've done a write up about the Summit on your blog as I want to share others on my post too" 


"I went to the #hbcsummit at the weekend, organised by @hbloggerscom and it was amazing! There were loads of interesting panel discussions and workshops about health and nutrition, photography and social marketing workshops and several fitness and meditation classes. We also got a fab goodie bag full of snacks and skin care products (who says no to free stuff right?) 🙌 I picked up this frozen smoothie which was sooo delicious I went back for 5 more 😂 they're 100% frozen fruit - no nasties - and can be eaten as they are or whipped up into breakfast bowls and yummy deserts. I'll definitely be making an order once I get through the draw full in my freezer!"


Photography Workshop for Bloggers

with professional photographer Anastasija Jegorova

Anastasija is an aspiring photographer based in London. Specialising in portrait; her interests also include fashion and still life photography. In this workshop, Anastasija will cover the fundamentals of photography for bloggers, as well as how to take pictures with personality that capture unique detail, texture, and contrast.

Blogger and Brand Collaborations Workshop

with Healthy Fit Fran and Fab Giovanetti

What are brands looking for when they hire bloggers for collaborations? And how do you know how much to charge a brand for your time? In this workshop, we'll discuss the nitty gritty of brand and blogger collaborations: how to approach brands with your rates, how soon you can start charging, and what to do when there is no budget. There will be case studies and an intimate Q&A to give you the ultimate guide to collaborating like a boss.

Content & Social Media Marketing Workshop

with Trybe App

Start-up food sharing app Trybe will be sharing their wealth of expertise on how to market yourself and your content on social media. In this workshop you will learn how to find your niche, target your ideal audience, and plan a growth strategy. You will also learn the essential tools for social media distribution, engagement and growth whilst delving into the psychology of marketing and the theory behind contagious content. 


Nutrition and Nutribollocks: hosted by Pixie Turner

with special guests Dr Rupy Aujla, Anthony Warner(Angry Chef) and Laura Thomas PhD RNutr

The internet is rife with incorrect information and bad advice, so who do you trust? With two nutritionists, a doctor, a chef, and a considerable number of qualifications between them, these guys know what they're talking about! Find out which dietary advice you should really be following, which fads are harmless and which are harmful, and what really constitutes a healthy diet. Expect some serious myth-busting (and maybe a bit of swearing)!

How to Launch Your Editorial Career in Health & Wellness: hosted by Laura Bell

with special guests Lauren Armes, Amy Hopkinson and Rhiannon Lambert ANutr

As bloggers, we all have a love for expressing ourselves through writing. But how do you turn this passion into a career? We have four accomplished and inspirational ladies on our editorial panel to discuss. Lauren Armes has a background in marketing and international business development, and is the founder of WelltoDo - a site that provides access to essential global wellness news for brands, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors. Amy Hopkinson is the online editor at Women's Health, whilst Rhiannon Lambert is a Registered Associate Nutritionist who regularly contributes to titles such as the Daily Mail and Men's Health, and has been featured on BBC World News, the Guardian and LOOK magazine.

Collaborating with Brands as a Digital Influencer: hosted by Fab Giovanetti

with special guest Hazel Wallace

We live in a world where the currency is measured in clicks, follows, likes and comments. It's by these metrics of engagement that success is determined. Brands are recognising the power of influencers, as they are the new powerful voices that drive purchase decisions. How can influencers work smarter, not harder, to secure valuable collaborations with brands? We're bringing together one influencer, one brand and one talent agency to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of taking your passion to the next level.

How Do We Foolproof Ourselves Against Foolish Fitness? hosted by Alice Liveing

with special guests Luke Worthington (PRI practitioner), Amy Hopkinson and Jonny Lomax (owner of Lomax gyms)

As fitness becomes ever popular, boutique classes are popping up left right and centre. However, these classes can be expensive, some are extremely elitist and cliquey, and often the actual quality can be very poor. How can we improve the quality of the fitness industry as a whole? How can we promote better and safer trainers that are passionate about form and movement, and not just getting bums on seats? Alice and her team of experts investigate.